Fertility Monitor

  1. Did anyone use a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor while TTC?

    If so, did it work? How long did it take to get pregnant from the time you started to use it?

    Do you feel it is worth the $$? :shrugs:

    (I posted this in the TTC sub forum, but as we are all trying, I didn't get many responses.)
  2. We tried to get pregnant for 1 year and were unsuccessful. I read about that monitor and after 1 year amd 2 months of trying, we were both frustrated and bought it. I followed the instructions and became pregnant the second month of using the monitor. I was totally shocked! When we decided to try for another, I used the monitor again and this time got pregnant the first time. For me, it was totally worth the money. It helped me find out that I do not ovulate at the same time every month but I am in a small percentage of women whose ovulation time changes from month to month. I ovulate anywhere from Day 6 to Day 22 of my cycle. When I talked to my doctor about it, he said that the monitor really helps people who are in similar situations to me as random ovulation makes it really hard to get pregnant. I would spend that money again in a heartbeat. Totally worth it IMO. All the best to you! I hope you get pregnant very soon! If you ever want to talk, feel free to PM me!
  3. Thanks biggestbaglover! That is so encouraging!
  4. we also tried for a year and i was over 35 so every missed opportunity was heartbreaking... then we tried the clear blue fertility monitor and we got pregnant on the second cycle!!! the first cycle was a learning curve, i am not sure i did it right... it was amazing. totally 100% worth the money... i too have irregular ovulation so a device like that really helps.
  5. When my Hubby & I decided to to start TTC recently, I read about the most convenient (in my definition, 'best') way to cut short time to get to it & so, i got the FM. It's our 1st month trying & to my surprise, my monitor showed' 'peak' on my cycle day 25 (my regular cycle is 33days) & that was my 20th stick (last one!) on 1 cycle alone. Luckily i did ovulate at all, if not, i'll have nightmares thinking i've ovulation problem. Even so, I was told that late ovulation is not good news too, so I'm crossing my fingers till my next cycle to see if there's a pattern. So my point is, go get it! Good news or bad news, it's better to know now to start resolve it than wait till months & wonder what's wrong. Those money spent on this FM are better spent on batches of OPKs in the long run (in my opinion)!

    Baby dust to you!
  6. ^^ I agree about the OPK's, of course after using them for four months...

    I bought the machine and this is my first cycle. I am really excited and hope it works!!

    It is really nice to hear that others have had success with it!

    maywongkm- Keep us posted in the TTC thread and let us know if it was successful!
  7. Yay! Sending baby dust your way! Let us know how it goes tabbyco!
  8. We used it and had some success, obviously! I trusted my own cycle though, because my cycles were regular and I pretty much knew I was ovulating. We purchased it just for reassurance because we had trouble for about 8 months. As soon as I was more in tune with my body and its cycle, we conceived. I'd give it a try, anything to make you feel like you are helping things along. Good luck!!!!
  9. Thanks NoSnowHere! That is exactly where we are... 8 months and nothing yet. I am pretty regular, so this will just confirm what I suspect. It is nice to have a little green light saying GO! and a Red one to say enough already :tup:.
  10. I just bought this too and hope to start using it soon. I ordered it from Amazon so it might take a while to get here.
  11. You're so welcome! I wish you the very best of luck conceiving and a healthy pregnancy! Don't forget if your period starts in the afternoon, set your monitor for the next day as day 1 of your cycle. Hope that makes sense!
  12. I used it also. I'd say my results were mixed. It was only for a month and I got pregnant, so I can't complain, but the monitor didn't have much to do with it. I'd gone off the Pill after about a billion years on it, at age 35, in late March. My cycles were wildly off for the first couple of months, and I wanted to just get a handle on when I might be ovulating, how long they were, since I knew they were long (like 40 days or so.)

    I got the monitor for my third cycle. It showed the estrogen surge on day 19 (high fertility but not peak on the monitor) for 5-6 days. Then it went back down to low fertility, meaning no LH surge detected. I figured I hadn't ovulated, based on their info, which said either I was testing wrong or didn't ovulate, and what my doctor guessed. I was completely positive I hadn't gotten pregnant.

    I ended up being pregnant that cycle. Based on the ultrasound dating, I didn't conceive at the time that the monitor was showing high fertility, but a week and half to two weeks later. So, not a huge help for me, but I'd probably use it again anyway if i needed to get a handle on my cycle.

    Good luck to you! Flinging baby dust your way...
  13. HELP!! This is my first cycle using the CBEFM and I have had a high for the last 5 days. I am now on day 15 with no peak. I am so regular I can predict my flow to the hour (28 days and not a second longer), so this is really disconcerting. Has this happened to anyone else??

    UUuggghhhh, I am so frustrated.. :hysteric: I guess I am not ovulating. This happened in August when I was taking OPK's. I got a faint line for 2 weeks, but never darker. Went for an ultrasound to see if I was having cysts, and it came back clear.
  14. See my post just above yours. I had exactly the same thing you're getting - high for about 5 days, no peak, figured I wasn't ovulating. Ended up preggers that cycle, but still not convinced it was right after the high readings, since the ultrasounds date it later. I would recommend keeping going with the BD for an extra week or two afterward, just in case...
  15. Oops, sorry. Yes, that is the same situation... I had some CM on day 8, but the monitor didn't detect anything and showed low. I still BD anyway. Today is 17, still high, but no peak. It would be great if I was pg, but I am so used to being disappointed that I don't really want to have false hope...but your experience is encouraging.

    Thanks so much for your help.