1. Has anyone tried this At-home Fetility Test? :confused1:

  2. Huh? They have fertility test for male too???? :wtf: Never heard of them. Where did you find this site?
  3. I found it through WebMD's website. There was an article about the test, they say it is 95% accurate. I remember hearing about this test coming out a few months ago on Good Morning America. Funny, I was thinking, well that is nice to know...hope I never have to take that...

    We've been trying for about 5 months now, so I ordered it. You have to take it on the 3rd day of your AF and the guys have to take it within 2-7 days from their last ejaculation. Today is my first, so my DH and I will be taking it on Friday. I'll let you know how it goes...

    If anyone else is considering taking it, they are carried by CVS and Longs Pharmacy. If you order it online (we don't have either store) it is $10 cheaper at cvs.com and in addition they have a $10 off e-coupon. So save $20, but it still isn't cheap...
  4. Keep us posted Tabbyco.
  5. Sounds way better than waiting for an appointment with a specialist.
  6. :true:, but I am a little worried the test could be vague. The female part is a control line and test line which makes you play the game of "is it lighter or darker than the other line" which makes me crazy... (like w/the OPK's) but I guess this time DH can be my second opinion. I am glad I have a Dr. apt already scheduled just in case. Waiting to get an apt after a negative test would be agonizing...

    It should be here today and I should have result by this time tomorrow. *Fingers Crossed*
  7. ^ Good luck tabby! *crossing my finger*
  8. Thanks! It just arrived in the mail... right on time!
  9. What does it say????
  10. Ok... here is my review:

    The Fertell kit comes with a male test and female test. The male test involves many steps and I can see how errors could easily be made, however, if you read and re-read the instructions you will get the results at the time intervals they say you will. The male test took every bit of 90 minutes and the waiting can be nerve-racking.

    The female part is the same as taking a HPT, only you must take it on the third day of you period, and you must wait 30 minutes.

    The results..... we are both fine :tup:. I would recommend this product for anyone who has been trying over 5 months and wants some relief from the unknown. I have to warn you though, DH procrastinated as long as he possibly could and then threw a bit of a **** fit after he did his business and pouted the whole 90 minutes... it was quite a spectacle for such a laid back guy. But he was all smiles when he saw that red line...

    Worth the $$ for the peace of mind :yes:. I'm going to get my tubes checked out in a month or two just in case...
  11. This story is making me giggle...imagining your DH pouting:p!
    You know- I'll bet that now that you're not stressing about why you can't get pregnant, it'll happen for you! So often it's stress that prevents it from happening and now that you know you're both fine, you can relax, which will move things along nicely! Great news!
  12. Thats great news Tabby!!!
    Now go get those tubes checked.
    Is there any chance you have a bit of endometriosis? :confused1:
  13. Great news tabbyco :smile:
  14. Yes. unfortunately... would that show up on a ultasound?? Or do you have to do the tube test?
  15. I had an HSG and they said my tubes were fine, that was in March. people say it is easy to get pregnant in the next 3 months but it did not happen for me. :sad: