Fert Fonce/olive With Sgh...

  1. for those of you that have a bbag with this color or have seen it irl, is it more brown with green or black with green. It is really beginning to grow on me. I already have the cafe though and wouldn't be as excited to get another brown looking bag. I am hoping it is more black looking.
  2. OOPS!!!! I meant Vert Fonce!!!!!!!
  3. i saw a vert fonce city with SGH at neiman's in sf and it seemed more of a green with brown undertones than black...
    i will say though they had other brown bags and it doesn't look "brown" at all...
    it's a really nice dark olive green...
    hope that helps...
  4. I saw this color on a PT with SGH in Hirshleifers in Long Island. To me the bag had slight brown undertones...it was very much an olive color though, Very pretty too!!!
  5. I've never seen this IRL either, but Terry emailed me this photo, so I thought I'd post it for you for reference. It's a vert fonce SGH work. HTH!

  6. ^^ ITA, i saw one @ "Barney's" & it was :drool:
  7. I have the Vert Fonce in a PT with SGH. It's a dark olive earthy green with subtle browns and blacks..depending on the lighting. It's color has a lot of depth. I don't think it's anything near a brown bag. I think you're safe on having a cafe and VT. In fact, I'm expecting a Magano (brown family) to arrive early next week. I picked it for the diversity in color. The leather of the VT is so plushy soft and totally yummy. Here is a pic of my lovey: (Good Luck...I hope this helps)[​IMG]
  8. I kinda of like Vert Fonce color as it's a darker olive green color....Love it!
  9. it's gorgeous!
  10. Wow! I am LOVING that GSH VF combo! When I first was this color, it didn't wow me. But now......Gulp!!! T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
  11. These pics have been posted on other threads before.. sorry for the repeat.. but here they are again for reference ;)

    IN Natural room light..


    In direct sunlight, you can see brown undertones in direct sunlight at times. But for the most part.. the color is pretty dark olive in IRL.


    Hope that helps... good luck on your decision.. and keep us posted :yes:
  12. :p:p:pI would get this just for the LEATHER!!! The color is beautiful, I think I want this!
  13. I saw this at Barney's, and it's gorgeous! The green is subtle, but it really stands out amongst all the brown bags.
  14. I LOVE TPF!!!!!!! All of you are so helpful! Thank you so much for posting all of the yummy pictures- it helps so much for someone like me that lives where there is no place to go shopping and see them in person. You gals are the Best!!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!!
  15. Wooow,it's gorgeous.