1. Hi BV fans---Usually hanging out in the Chanel or Prada thread, but recently turned off by Chanel quality. Waiting for my new BV to come from SFA, bought if during the EGC event and hasn't arrived yet.

    Still a Prada fan, but starting to love BV. Can't wait for my bag to arrive.

  2. Congrats and the ferro roma is such a stunner to start your BV collection with. :love::yahoo:
  3. I saw this IRL and it's stunning! Enjoy! There's a ferro Sloane under my Christmas tree. I love that color...can't wait to debut it. My daughter loves Chanel. I'm not impressed with their quality. I have the GST and in my opinion it looks and feels like cardboard. You'll be impressed with BV's quality of leather and workmanship. Wear it in good health!
  4. Hey... I did the exact same as you. Ordered this bag during EGC off of Saks.com and it's my 1st BV also. I tried it on in the boutique and the style is so cute. There was a waitlist for it in ferro, though.
  5. Congratulations on your new BV, a wonderful bag! I'm sure that you will enjoy it for many years to come.
  6. Oh Thanks all, getting my excited to get the bag.
  7. Ah thanks all getting me excited to get the bag
  8. this is an amazing color that you chose and one of my favorite bags BV makes. COngratulations and please share pics once you get the bag!
  9. This bag is so beautiful. I agree Chanel quality has gone down the tubes, my cabas fell apart the first day I wore it.
  10. That's a great bag!! I've always loved the Roma and Ferro is a hot, hot, hot color. Excellent choice!
  11. Yeah!!! I'm not the only one with a ferro roma! The color is so beautiful with just the tiniest bit of sparkle, and the style is very practical. It can be a shoulder bag and a handbag depending on the length of the handles. Can't wait to see your pics!
  12. welcome to BV!
    the roma in ferro is a great start to your BV collection...enjoy! :yahoo:
  13. Oh, what a great way to start your BV collection!! Please post pics when it's arrived!!
  14. That is very exciting. I'd love to see pics of this beauty when she arrives!
  15. hi longchamp, ferro is a gorgeous colour. do enjoy it in good health. i recently bought a couple of bvs and also a chanel in the timeless classic design. while the chanel is very pretty and a highly recognisable brand, i have to say that at that price point, i was surprised with the quality of the leather. perhaps it's the weave, but i find the lambskin of the bv woven bags so much more buttery and smooshy.