Ferro Sloane

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  1. Hello ladies,

    Just wanted to let you know that I was shocked to find the Ferro Sloane at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Mission Viejo, CA

    I think it might still be there.

    They also had a medium Chanel Lady Braid...
  2. the ferro sloane is on the Saks website too :smile: is it going for full price in store or at a discount?
  3. Oh it is? Sorry, I thought it was from several seasons ago only. I am not sure if it was on discount (did not check as I have one). The Lady Braid was though.
  4. There are no sale BV's there as of this time. I just checked just in case...
  5. Yea, there's one at my Saks too but not on sale1 =*(
  6. do the sloanes ever go on sale in general? Just curious it is my favorite BV
  7. In Nov/Dec, the sloane in ferro (gray) and night (black) went on sale at NM. They basically sold out quickly. I hope they go on sale at Saks and BV in the spring/summer, but I don't know for sure.
  8. I have a ferro Sloane and would love to find another Sloane on sale!
  9. Gosh, normally the Ferro Sloane is so elusive. Ferro is only being made in a very few styles as I understand it.
  10. I just saw a Ferro Sloane in London over the weekend (the store on Old Bond). I saw it hidden inside a drawer when the SA was looking for a different bag. Although I don't think it was on sale, the pricing might be attractive given the current state of the UK pound.