Ferro on Bluefly

  1. Thanks for the post, Bunkie!
    Hmm... I wonder where Bluefly gets the BV items from...
  2. It does seem odd that this bag is already on Bluefly since it is from the current season.
  3. Already gone...
  4. I didn't even know that ferro came in the pyramid style, I thought that Pyramid only came in the Noce and Morro style?? ITA that it seems strange that a current season item would be sold on bluefly at a discount when according to BV this colour has flown out of the shops.:shrugs:
  5. Syma, that is what I was told as well, only in the noce and morro. Very odd.
  6. I think it is the case that BV boutiques have colours/styles that may be different to department stores. I know that in the UK the boutiques have sometimes never seen styles/colours that are available in Harrods for example.
  7. I do know that some bags are offered in different colors in different countries. For example, the Sloane bag was not offered in old petra in the US, but it was in other countries and did end up on Bluefly at one point.
  8. Do we think this is a real BV? Or possibly a grey from past season?
  9. Has anyone discovered a fake bottega from bluefly? This aunthenticity issue really bugs me...
  10. I don't know about BV but I have seens pivs on tPF of fake Chloes. There was another bags that someone reported was a fake from there - I think it was a Balenciaga.

    They now put a paper tag on bags and you can't return the bag once it's off. I don't know if the authenticity issues were from questionable sources or people buying authentic and returning fakes.
  11. Mystiletto, many thanks for directing us there. Yes, it is possible. Everyone should take advantage of the very generous experts we have on the Authenticate This thread (boxermom, valkyrie360 et al) even if purchasing on BF!!