Ferro Color

  1. Hi BV Experts out there!

    Do you think the Ferro color is closer to Nero or the current season Shadow?
    In another word, if I already have a bag in Nero/Shadow, do you think it will be too similar to get another Ferro color bag?

    Thanks ahead for all the valuable input!
  2. shadow
    ferro is a gray
    they are not making ferro anymore or nappa umbria
  3. I agree. Ferro is a definite grey. Not really close to black/Nero.

    If Shadow is a light grey then Ferro would be a medium grey. From photos, it looks as if Ferro has slightly blue undertones while Shadow may have a hint of olive.
  4. I don't think that ferro has blue undertones
    it is because it is nappa umbria
    nappa umbria was a treatment they did to the leather
    I think it gave the leather a slightly reflective quality to the leather
    not shiny reflective but it would look different in different light
    when they make nappa umbria they heat the leather then beat it with glass rollers

  5. nappa umbria was my absolute favorite treatment. that in and of itself sets it apart from shadow and nero. to me there is no comparison and saying it is a gray does not tell the whole story. i think it would be different enough from your shadow and nero bags.
  6. annie9999 - agree. nappa umbria was wonderful. Ferro is a chameleon color. Some people feel it has greenish or blue undertones, while others classified it as a metallic. I have a Ferro Sloane and really love the color. It is nothing like black, and different from Shadow.
  7. Ferro is a great alternative to Black/Nero. Nappa Umbria was divine...
    If you find anything Ferro is decent condition, it's worth adding to any BV collection.