Ferro - a permanent "classic"????

  1. Anyone think this may happen??? I would love a veneta in this but would rather wait in hopes that this color becomes a new "classic". I heard many times they could hardly keep this color on the shelf - anyone have any inside scoop? ;)
  2. I do not have an inside scoop, but I am with you. The color is so versatile, not to mention beautiful!
  3. I hope it becomes a new classic, because I'm in love with the color. I don't have a BV bag yet (a little out of my price range still), but I hope it becomes a classic so I get save up for one!
  4. From your lips to BV's ears, as the saying goes. Ferro should be a classic. It's a great neutral when people don't want black and brown isn't suitable.

    A Bottega SA did tell me they couldn't keep Ferro in stock, it sold so well.
  5. I love the ferro (as much as Old Petra). Definitely one of BV's unique and great colors.
  6. i love ferro too - it's a beautiful classic colour. does anyone know what other designs come in ferro, other than the sloane? tia! :flowers:
  7. The New Pyramid comes in Ferro! And it is gorgeous.....
  8. I think I saw a Roma in ferro too. But no ferro Montaigne...
  9. lol, bookermoose, i knew you'd say that. but seriously, i would add a ferro montaigne or veneta to my collection in a heartbeat if it's available.
  10. a ferro veneta.....hmmmm....sounds :drool::drool:
  11. ^ Somebody (was it bunkie??) So'd a ferro veneta, I'm sure that it should be ready about know if we can find her :search:

    I'd love to get a ferro pyramid one day so I hope that it does become a classic!
  12. I am totally in crazy love with my medium veneta....I love how it forms to you and is now getting so beautifully smooshy and nicely broken in. I would love to get it in the ferro but, truthfully, I would love to NOT pay the extra 30% for an SO. This is why I am hoping beyond hope that ferro comes in permanently and the veneta becomes available in it.
  13. Syma, I saw the ferro pyramid in Las Vegas and if I had any spending money left it would have come home with me!

    I'm wondering where Bunkie is; I was looking forward to seeing her ferro veneta.
  14. Yep I saw the Roma in Ferro, loved it. Tried to snatch it at BV but lost out. I wanted a matching sister for my Old Petra Roma. If anyone sees it again on BF, please pm me or post
  15. ^^ReRe, the last time I was in Vegas, there was a ferro Roma in Corsa Collections, Caesar's Palace shops. That was over Christmas so it may have sold, but worth a try! I think I threw out the SA's card so I don't have their number, but they do have a website.