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  1. Hi everybody. I was just wondering what anybodys opinions are on ferrets or if anybody has a ferret in here. My husband just called me a few minutes ago and said a customer is gave him their ferret because he loved it and she wanted to get rid of it. So when he comes home tonight he is going to have a ferret with him. Not sure how i feel about it. So any advice or info you guys have on them would be great or if any of you own one and love them.
  2. Ferrets are very cute. My sister had one a while ago--Fey (his name) lasted about 8 years. You need to get a cage, special ferret food, and lots of attention towards the little one. I've heard people saying that ferrets need to have another ferret companion, I'm not sure about that. Fey was always the only one of his kind at my mom's house except that I had two dogs living there at the same time. All of them got along very well. Ask if he needs to be vaccinated, I can't remember, though, if Fey was. Oh, they like to sleep a lot. Good luck to you both, hopefully you like the little one and decide to keep it.
  3. I have 3:love:. they're so cute and its really fun to watch them play. Ferrets are somewhat delicate and very mischevious. they live 6-8 years. you need a spacious cage for it, like one with multiple levels. be prepared to play with it a lot! and the other big part of owning a ferret, you get to clean up *a lot* of poo. you don't really need special ferret food, you just need food with high protein content. i've found purina kitten chow to be the best. since i switched, their coats have become more shiny and soft. they can stink too, but not too bad. giving them a bath helps, but you can't do that more than every 6-8 weeks. they're escape artists! if she/he is out, watch those doors/holes/etc. be careful what you leave on the floor because they can either hide stuff (like shoes and rubber things) or eat it which can cause an intestine blockage which is really bad news and quite expensive to fix. i can go on and on, so pm me if you have any questions. they're not as easy as most people think to care for properly so if you don't think you can do it, there are many nice ferret rescues you can take it to.
  4. Well thankfully the woman who gave us the ferret gave us the big huge cage and water bottle and litter pan and all. Even some food. Its a girl and my husband named her Annabelle lol. She seems very sweet and is definately very very nosey and curious. She doesn't want to sit still for long at all. It was soo cute though last night she curled up in a ball on my husbands lap and fell asleep for quite sometime. She wont do it for me but oh well.
  5. Here is pic of her curled up on hubbys lap. I hope she works out ok for us to keep. My daughter who is 3 is kinda scared of her a little.
  6. Aww that is cute. I don't know anything about ferrets, but someone told me that they sink alot. Is that true? Congrats on the new pet.
  7. Yep it is true lol. She does have a faint odor smell and my husband already gave her a bath last night after we brought her home.
  8. aww annabelle is soo cute! but i never get why pets like and obey male more than female!?
  9. Aw, annabelle is so cute!! i love ferrets. i had one who died last october... he was about 8 years old...such a good pet. i even trained him to walk on a leash. i used to take him out on walks with me when i was in college. lol.
  10. lol that sounds soo cute him walking on a leash. Annabelle seems very sweet soo far but we definately gotta ferret proof the house lol.She keeps wanting to get behind the t.v. stand and dig at the t.v. cord and yank on it. I have tried putting up a barricade with books so she can't get through but she is too dang smart and found another way around there lol.