Ferret Wear???

  1. I am thinking about buying a ferret and i thought it would be fun to accessorize it a bit once and a while. Does anyone know any cute ferret wear brands or stores??? I see a lot of gorgeous luxury couture dogwear and dog outfits but almost no ferret clothing. :sad: Can anybody reccommend any websites that sell gorgeous ferret clothing or any ferret wear brands or stores?? Thanks.
  2. I've never heard of a ferret clothing line but how cool that your getting a ferret... I love them... my friends parents have a couple and they walk around some times... its cute to be some where doing something in the house and see a little ferret walking around like a little cat or something haha
  3. they have some ferret clothing, but they get it off in about 2 seconds. most hate leashes, too so don't expect to take them on a walk. spend your money on cage accessories & toys like tubes, hammocks, a big multi-level cage.

    hope you've done your research, they're a lot of work. hope you like to pick up poo/clean out litter boxes, because you'll be doing a lot of that. don't forget to ferret-proof your home, they get into everything, wouldn't want an intestinal blockage :sad:.