Ferragomo Varina Ballet Patent Flats

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  1. Im looking to get my first pair of designer shoes. I've always liked the classic vara. But not the heels Now they came out with the flats. Im so excited!!
    What say you? Yes? No? Most importantly is it comfortable?

  2. i love the varina...i have been feening since i first saw them in teen vogue... i want them in black/red patent. i have yet to try them on...i am sort of waiting for sale on them:shame:
  3. I love these. I really don't think they'll go on sale since this is a classic Ferragamo style. I haven't tried these, but Ferragamo shoes are fabulously comfortable. In fact, I can't think of a line that is more comfortable than Ferragamo.
  4. Love them!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  5. What color(s) do you like best? I know I'd get the most use out of the black, but that's the color I like the least. I'm thinking about getting the white. Eek! When did white flats with bows come back in style? :smile:
  6. These are so pretty. I've been looking at them for a while, but I honestly have way too many flats as it is. I'd choose the white ones myself.:love:
  7. I've seen magazines pics. There are like 12 colours? I like the bright green and purple.. Haa.. They'd match my Bbags perfectly. But i guess black would be much more "wearable".. :sad:
  8. I Have A Few Pairs Left From The 90's...IMO, They Are Average Comfort. If You Have A Narrow Foot ~ They Are Perfect!!!!!
  9. Ferragamo actually makes a C width. It's hard to find at NM or Saks, but the boutiques usually have it. You'd think it'd be pretty wide given that they also sell AA and As, but I find it quite comfortable. I have both B and C width Ferragamo shoes. I prefer the C if I can find it, but I'm ok with the B too.
  10. Exactly ~ If You Have Narrow Feet....Ferragamo Is Perfection!!!!!
  11. The White & Black Are Gorgeous!!!!!!!:love:

  12. I don't have narrow feet, and I still think Ferragamo is perfection! The shoes are so wonderfully made and so very comfortable. Unfortunately, they do tend to lag a bit behind on the style front, but they seem to be improving...
  13. I have seen many classic Ferragamo go on sale...I am just giving it time;)
  14. Don't let me discourage you....I can't tell you how many times I've been wrong about something not going on sale....;)
  15. Those are soooo cute! Ferragamo shoes are sooo comfy and perfect-fitting because they have various widths to choose from.
    Also, I think the prices are reasonable given their quality and durability.