ferragamo's spring line

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    What do yall think of the wallet. I haven't found a wallet appealing until this one.. I love it love it. the bag is not too bad either. .
  2. I like the wallet better than the bag. The print is too much for me! But on the wallet, it's cute!
  3. I wouldn't wear the bag, just the wallet..
  4. I've seen the wallet and a bag (not sure if it was this one or not) at NM IRL. I loved the wallet! I walked away because of the high price tag, but I can't remember how much it was now.:shame:
  5. I think the wallet is fun but the bag is too much for me.
  6. I pretty much see a old lady wearing the bag. In somewhere tropical.. I would buy the wallet, but I think 375 is too much for it.
  7. Bag, no. wallet, yes!
  8. I think we're going to see those bags go on sale REALLY soon. Like the wallet tho....
  9. The wallet is gorgeous; but I don't really care for the bag...too busy for me.
  10. Ditto to what was said so far. Wallet is pretty.
  11. The wallet is great - is $375 really too much for something you use everyday? Also, wallets tend to stay looking good much longer than bags since they are not exposed to all the same elements.

    A good wallet is worth the money; after all, one wallet will get more use than all of your bags.
  12. Ditto.