Ferragamo's Ostrich and Croco for S/S06


Dec 20, 2005

What do you think of these Salvatore Ferragamo's bags? I took these pics from the SF book I received from SF about 2 weeks ago. I didn't really know how to take these pics from the book so it didn't turn out too good. Something to do with the lighting problem though but you get the idea and maybe some other ladies can post better pics on this thread.

Anyway, I have seen and tried this style in person in regular leather (I am sure most of you guys familiar with SF's style on this bag). I wasn't too impress with this style in regular leather, or other colors or the Anaconda snake skin when I tried it, but this Ostrich and Croco are just to die for bag!! Don't you agree? I love the yellow color on the ostrich, and the detail on the woven handles. Just beautiful! Simple, classic yet sophisticate (spell?).

I am thinking of the Ostrich in yellow and I am putting my name on the waiting list. My SA told me the bag will be out in March. The price of the ostrich is $2950 and the white croco is $6900 Yikes!

I though I share it with you guys, and see what you think of them.
I can't wait to see it in person! :love:

SF's Ostrich.JPG

SF's white croco.JPG


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
Yummy... I like the yellow ostrich!!

Next time, try taking the photo of a photo w/o the flash and press the little "flower" logo on your camera to avoid the blurry effect. The "flower" logo is for taking close-up of nonmoving objects.


I want them all!
Sep 13, 2005
I was just thumbing through "W" magazine and saw one of these bags in the new Ferragamo ad. I love it! So classy and what great details! Please post pics when you get your bag so I can drool...


Oct 18, 2005
LOVE!! When you described it to me, I didn't realize it was the same design as this one that I've been drooling over for months...

That bag is fabulous! I'd take it in the plain leather or any of the above! Simply gorgeous, very lady-like (well, for me since I usually like slouchy bags).


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Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
Oh, I so agree... I want to get that one in Magnolia badly, but I wonder about the color being the same as the picture. I sooooo hope so!!!! :love: :love: :love: I love the pebbled ostrich though too!

I think my husband would freak out completely if I bought another bag this month though.


Dec 20, 2005
I def will post pics when I get this yellow ostrich. The white croco is just too gorgeous and I have no doubt of loving it but..the price! Yikes I can get 2,3 or 4 of very bags for that price.

But the yellow ostrich is my dreamy bag! I keep telling myself no more bag for this month so I can save for this yellow ostrich!:love: :nuts: .

Daisy, that white one is gorgeous.:love: I think I also saw the choco brown one at BG.


Dec 20, 2005
BalenciagaLove said:
Sweetea - how was the white on the magnolia? Was it yellowish, beigish? Do tell!

Gosh I actually tried it about more than month ago. The one that I tried actually has a combination of wooden chain and leather handles and oooh it is so pretty and I almost got it but instead I chose the tan color for another SF's bag because I don't need another white bag.
The color on that one I tried is white but not striky white and it is not yellowish or beigish either. I thought it was a very nice tone of white compared to the very whitish anaconda snake one.
I hope that helps. The one that Daisy posted above does looks like a little creamier, doesn't it? Beautiful bag though.