Ferragamo's Grace Kelly bag

  1. ohh i love the Classic with the bow detail. must have! didn't see it at the boutique this past week. plus it looks like it's Saffiano leather :heart:
  2. I called the boutique at South Coast Plaza (714-979-7654) about the Classic Saffiano Bag. It is still available. :tup: The price is $1090. Comes in 2 colors: Black and a metallic. Sorry, I don't know the name of the metallic.

    Hope this helps! All this talk about it is making me want it even more. LOL

    Oh shoot, I forgot to ask about the strap.
  3. what a sweet bag!
  4. The version that I saw at the chicago boutique this past fall was in Saffiano, had a shoulder strap, but did not have a bow on the handle. The metallic that they are now selling is a bronzey metallic, I think.
  5. Thanks PsychoBagLady! I wasn't sure what the bag was called. My friend got one some years back, and I remember she had a strap on it. Though I think it was detachable. It was about $795 I think. Actually, what I loved was the many compartments. She had a ton of stuff in there ... wallet, phone, keys, agenda ... and even a big hairbrush. It was like a clown-car ... Things kept coming out of her bag!
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    How funny, I just googled 'Ferragamo Katia' and of course, TPF comes up! I'm seriously considering getting this bag. It's on Citibank's Extra Cash site for only $628 if you are in that program! The description says it comes with a chain strap too.

    Oh, the version I'm looking at is not the one with the bow-- it's a black saffiano version of the cream one that someone posted previously.

    Should I pull the trigger? :p

    Retail Price $1,090.00
    Extra Cash ($461.90)
    You Pay $628.10 (42% Savings)

  7. ^ Yes you should! Saffiano is very durable.

    There is also another one that is smooth calf skin with gold hardware on eBay. It looks like it has leather interior. Must be made a long long time ago.

  8. I'd love to see the pic...can't get to it from the link because I don't have a citi login.
  9. Here is mine. There are two interior compartments. Very roomy!

    Not sure if they make them in the smooth leather any more.
    IMG_0525_r.JPG IMG_0526_r.JPG IMG_0527_r.JPG IMG_0528_r.JPG IMG_0530_r.JPG
  10. Thanks for posting those photos! I've never seen how the strap attaches and I like this a lot.

  11. doreenjoy, here is a photo of the one on Citi ExtraCash. Hardware looks to be silver

  12. Thanks for taking the time to post that pic.

    Such a classic, elegant bag.
  13. I have several older classic Ferragamos. I need to take pics and share them with you all when I remember.
  14. Please do share your photos. Would love to see them :happydance:

  15. Pretty please!!! I would love to see your pics! I just love Ferragamo.