Ferragamo zipper hobo post help

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  1. A few weeks back, someone wanted opinions on the Ferragamo zipper hobo (it had two zippers on the front of it,with tassels). I can't find that post! :sad:

    I wanted it for reference....anyone?
  2. I don't recall seeing that but if I come accross it I will send more info. I like the hobo too.
  3. Well, I hope that I solved my dilemma...I really like this handbag, as I saw in at Neiman's, but I wanted in black. The one that I saw had no price tag, and I was not about to ask how much it was. (Why am I so weird about that? First the Chloe store and now this). :shame:

    I found it online at Neiman's...but darn it, I really don't want to drop a grand on a bag. It would be to replace the black Kooba Claudia that I just got, but as much as I love it and it looked much better with the stuffing out of it (the leather is soooo soft) I was unsure of the style with the rivets and all...and was unsure I wanted to spend $600+ on a bag I won't use for more than one season. I am sure I will....but just in case it was bothering me.

    So...I did a little hunting around today...and wandered back over to the Hayden-harnett site to look at their Clyde hobo. I have looked at the chocolate sooooo many times since they were posted here a month or so ago....but had decided on a IF QP bag instead...the black Hayden-Harnett has lighter stitching that put me off at first, then I realized that the chocolate I had been lusting after had lighter stitching all along too...the more I looked at it, I liked it.

    So now of course they are out of stock until the end of January...

    Did a search and found ONE left at Lunaboston.com so I grabbed that one. They also had the black Kooba Claudia, for $35 less than what I paid for mine, no tax, plus 20% off my whole order! :nuts: I got the Kooba for $200 less than I paid last week ( I will take the first back...tags still on thank goodness) and the HH WITH the extra tassle for $300! (Reg. $380) Two bags for a just bit more than what I originally paid for the kooba. I am so happy and excited!!

    So, all in all, as much as the Ferragamo bag is a beautiful bag, in my mind I got a better deal on two handbags that I like just as much.:love:

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  4. You sound like me I still have a Miu Miu black goatskin hobo in my car. Not that I don't like it, but will there be something I like more lol. As for the studded bag I try to stay away from bags like that because I hate to use them for 1 year and leave them in the closet too!
  5. for those interested in the ferragamo bags, I found two similar ones in the metallic style (two sizes) here they are for those who are curious! (found at bob ellis online)

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  6. (gush) I love love love that hayden-harnett hobo. Gots to get me one! :love:
  7. That hobo is too large for me wish there was a smaller size. I love the flap bag too!
  8. Bjara, if you did try on the Ferragamo with the two zippers, how is the sizing out of curiousity....was it a huge bag, or medium? Thanks!

  9. Well...it was a larger bag, and that is what drew me to it. If it were more of a medium size hobo, it would have been too small for me....so it's tough for me to gauge how big it seems for others. :unsure: If you look through the "I give up" post, there is a pic of me with two black hobos...the Ferragamo seemed to be about that same size. I'm 5' 8".

    Incidentally, NM is now out of the black!! LOL I swear, after we post about bags here...the stores sell out! The Andrea Bruekners sold out right away after I posted that Summerblu.com would match pricings from other online stores.

    We should get a commission. :P
  10. :P Bjara, the stores are making it hard on you! They're selling out the bags we want. I find that the case when I finally decide i want something....I think we should get commission too! Anyways, I'm not surprised bags that we want are often gone....we spend so much time obssessing and contemplating before we make up our minds! I bag stalk!:biggrin:

    Anyways, thanks for the info., I will take a look at your other thread!