Ferragamo wristlets

  1. I've never been crazy for wristlets but these are absolutely adorable. What do you guys think?
    Not bad for $130, uh? It also comes in black.
  2. Kat, the wristlets are so cute. =)
  3. Where did you find them? I think they're adorable. I love taking a small purse when I go out to dinner with my boyfriend. I'm dying to see the black version. Oh wait, I found them at Neimans, but they don't show a picture of the black, or the size!
  4. Cute!
  5. Super adorable! Where did you find those? It's so rare to see the wristlet strap on the top instead of on the side, which makes it so unique!
  6. Aw! Oh man, that is cute. Could someone post of picture of it in black, please?
  7. They are on NM's website and Ferragamo's website.;)
  8. I can't seem to find a pic of it in black.:sad2:
  9. Here is a pretty Ferragamo clutch. I found it on Ferragamo's website. I'm really into Ferragamo lately. I have a Ferragamo bag on hold at NM. I'm waiting for a Chanel that is being sent to me this week. I'll have to choose between the Chanel and the Ferragamo. I'll post pics and maybe you guys can help me choose. In the meantime, here are pics of the clutch.

  10. I really like the second one at the top!
  11. That's a no on all counts for me. Not my style.
  12. I love the clutch. It will be neat to take to formal dinner engagements.
  13. I really like that too! I'm so excited for you Kat. Or did you already get the Chanel?