ferragamo wallets

  1. do they ever go on sale???
  2. It dose. I have a few and they are all bought on sale. Some of them are bought at Saks designer sale and some were bought at ferragamo boutique during their sale. I think I got them for 20% to 40%. Mostly seasonal colors...
  3. I'm fine with seasonal colors because I never Like to buy black handbags or accessories (except for evening bags). When do these sales usually happen? My mbmj wallet is falling apart and I've been eyeing the ferragamos for a while...they look so sturdy and well made!
  4. I think Saks designer sales are usually around may/June and Nov/dec? boutique sales are around June/July and after christmas? I also bought some ferragamo bags and wallets during F & F events at both Saks and Bloomingdales. But I think they are only 20%' off if I remember currently.. Can't remember when they were...
  5. The SA I know said July and 35% at the boutique, but we shall see.
  6. Nice! I am definitely going to keep my eyes open for the sales!
  7. I saw some SLGs at my local runway TJMaxx the other day. HTH!!
  8. What's runway tjmaxx?
  9. I bought a white leather SF wallet on a good sale at Nordstrom back when my local Nordstrom carried SF. Now that mall has a SF store (lovely) and the store does put some items on sale from time to time. I would ask your closest SF retailer if/when they have a sale, as it may vary from store to store. Good luck!
  10. Yes, they go on sale twice a year, usually the seasonal colors. I've seen the classic Nero and Mercurio at the outlets as well though.
  11. It's a high end TJMaxx with high end designer clothing and leather goods. You can find out if there is one closest to you by going online. Apparently, selection varies by store. I have to go visit mine. It's 45 minutes away. Oh, and TJ's has layaway.:smile:
  12. Does anyone know if the sale has started/is over in the SF boutique in Singapore? I'm eyeing on a pretty wallet as well! :heart:
  13. i just got a beautiful little python wallet on yoogi's closet (my first purchase thru them). 60% off and it was new(ish).
  14. Bluefly carry Ferragamo wallets (and bags) at discounted prices. Also, some of the seasonal colors do go on sale at boutiques and department stores.