Ferragamo Wallet opinions please :)

  1. Hi! I just this lovely wallet and I wanted to know how much do u fit in your Ferragamo wallet? I have a tendency to stuff my wallets and I was curious if these are good for that. I good resist the print and a sale! IMG_1481162125.403565.jpg
  2. I don’t have this particular wallet but it appears quite roomy. The Gancio clasp would probably keep you from triple stuffing the wallet. It is a beautiful design. Hope you get it and do a reveal with what-fits-inside.
  3. I unfortunately had to return it. The design I though was patches of different color leather in the chevron pattern but it was actually just painted/ colored leather. I was so excited to open the package only to see that there were patches is color worn off. :sad:

    Very disappointing, especially for a brand like Ferragamo!
  4. So sorry to hear that! Paint is indeed a challenge for many brands. A while back I was considering the LV multicolor monogram wallet, and wiser tPF members warned me about color loss. Better luck next time!