Ferragamo Varian Flat or Vara Pump?

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  1. does anyone own Varian flat or Vara pump 1.5 inches heel? Could you share some your opinions on two of these? Thanks
  2. What kind of insight are you looking for? I think it boils down to the question if you prefer flats or heels.
  3. I like few inches height.
    But wonder is the pump uncomfortable than the flat
  4. I find them both comfortable.

  5. Agreed
  6. The Varina is comfortable with some height. I wear them almost daily at work, most of my work shoes are kept in the office. I don't own Vara as I never could find one that fits, despite trying C and D width.
    I prefer Ninna (rubber soles) as it's softer, therefore more comfortable. There's another seasonal flat which I can't remember the name, it's pointy toe, more comfortable than Vara.

    I strongly suggest that you try them to compare.

  7. I find the Vara significantly more comfortable than the Varina flat. I wear both on a regular basis. The Vara style is one of the most comfortable shoes I own.
  8. I have both, the Vara in leather (non-patent) and a pair of seasonal Varina's from last year in a denim type fabric. Both are very comfortable, but I do think the Vara probably provides more support to the foot and is therefore going to be more comfortable if you are wearing them all day long and/or doing a reasonable amount of walking.

    I think it also depends what type of footwear you are used to - if you are someone who is used to wearing a lot of ballerina type flats you will probably find the Varina's fine, but personally I do like a little bit of a heel with my shoes
  9. I have finicky feet. Usually everything hurts but my Vara pump (the 1 inch heel one) was comfy straight out of the box. Good luck!

    EDIT: my Vara is non-patent. (Patent is usually more stiff)
  10. I have both the Vara and Varina in black patent with the canvas bow.

    The Vara is more comfortable for me and the little bit of height does help boost my confidence (as I'm only 5'2) and gives off a much more professional vibe.

    The Varina is more for my casual days and weekends paired with skinny jeans.
  11. I have both of them in so many different colours. Ferragamo shoes is one of my fave! I found that varina is a lot more comfy for me. Vara is still okay but it's starting to hurt after 3-4 hours, they are pinching my little toe. Good luck :smile:

    Ps. All my varinas are patent while my varas are in normal
  12. The Vara is definitely more comfortable.. I feel like it helps my posture also so I prefer it when I'm out all day..
  13. I find my Varas to be very comfortable and I have both patent and leather. I haven't been able to figure out my size in the Varina though (funny how they both don't fit the same...).
  14. I have 5 pairs of Varinas and they're the most comfortable flats I've ever owned. I absolutely love them!
  15. Both, you would wear with different things.