Ferragamo Vara Wallet on a Chain - Opinions?

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  1. I love all your WOCs and bags! The fuchsia one is especially adorable :heart:
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  2. I’ve been eyeing the new Vara WOC too but I’m not sure how the length would hit me. I’m only 5’2” so I dunno if the strap would be too long for me.
  3. Do you now if they changed the chain length? I am quite tall and the chain is pretty long on me, too.
  4. I went to try on the various WOC in the boutique just now. Except for the vara bow WOC, the rest had straps that were definitely too long for me. Such a shame so I spent my $$ in LV instead.

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  5. Some mod shot of the Woc, the chain on older fuchsia is the same length as the new pale pink one. Forgot to mention, I am 5'7.

    There is at least 3 ways to wear it with the chain.
    Full length:
    IMG_20180414_124044.jpg IMG_20180414_124111.jpg

    Wrap the chain around the Woc and carry with one of the chains:
    IMG_20180414_124213.jpg IMG_20180414_124315.jpg

    Shortest way - Wrap the chain around and carry with both chains:
    IMG_20180414_124444.jpg IMG_20180414_124521.jpg

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  6. Oh too bad. But I bet you new LV is beautiful, too.
  7. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I bought the black mini bag for my mom when I was in Rome last month!
    She loves it and I could borrow it too.
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  8. I have the same new Vara WOC in the dusty pink colour, it’s really cute. Very light bag and looks lovely in action, the chain length is great too.
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