Ferragamo Vara Wallet on a Chain - Opinions?

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  1. hi lovelies,

    I am still debating on getting this beauty. Does anyone here own it and can tell me how it’s holding up, how much it fits etc?

    Would you recommend it? I try to seize down my purses due to back problems and am thinking of using this as my go to bag. It should got my phone, keys and cash/credit card.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Are you considering the Vara WOC or Gancini WOC? I like the Vara design better, but you'd need to remove two snapped flaps to get to your phone.

    Do you own other bags with chain only? Some people do not find it comfortable for long term wear. Gancini WOC comes with a thin leather strap which is more comfortable.

    The embossed leather for both design should be very durable for daily use.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your input. I would get the Vara one. I just love the bow detail.

    So would you suggeste the Vara Mini instead of the Woc?
  4. I think the mini bag allows more flexibility to store items such as car key or key fob. However you’d need to get a smaller wallet or a card case. A card case can store many cards without taking much space, but you lose the one-card-per-slot arrangement of a conventional wallet.
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  5. Thanks again for your input.

    I think I’ll think some more about which one to get but honestly kind of lean towards the WOC bc if it’s clean lines. Somehow I think it looks better. Can’t even tell you why.
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  6. Hey ladies,

    quick update:

    I did order the WOC. I will post pics as soon as it gets delivered.

    Thanks for all your input
  7. A0558E31-04F6-4E5E-9851-7FD033F44C6B.jpeg E641781E-4847-479F-8A23-EA4B88827689.jpeg 4346DB3B-C303-47C5-BB58-0971F3C13C66.jpeg
    Here she is.

    I am totally in love with her. She’s a timeless piece and smells divine. Hopefully the hardware and leather will hold up. Even the packaging is cute. :heart:

    So what do you think?
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  10. I wore the Woc the last 2 days and I must say it is really nice to handle. And look so chique. Even with sportier clothes you instantly feel very ladylike
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  12. You should definitely get it ASAP. I looooove wearing my new bag. And I get compliments all the time. Big thumbs up.
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  13. I bought the new Vara WOC in bonbon (light pink). Saw it in person in Vienna, love it very much but thought I would like to get WOC in other brand so didn't get it, came back to Canada and couldn't stop thinking about it, and sadly found out Canada Ferragamo does not carry it. Anyways, finally found it online and here it is!

    And just as I thought I would sell my old one once I receive the new one, I just fall in love deeper with the old one, they are very different and both are beautiful! :heart: The bow is leather on the new one (left) but smaller, the chain and interior is identical. Had the old one (right) for 1.5 years and it still looks great, except the bow and minor scuff on the corners. I am hoping the leather bow and round corner would solve these issues.

    0P2A2289.JPG 0P2A2292.JPG 0P2A2293.JPG
  14. Congrats, I have the same, only bigger :smile: (I believe this style is called the Ginny bag)... It's interesting how this Bon bon colour changes under different lighting.

    Your fucshia WOC is also cute :flowers:
    IMG_3851a tpf.jpg IMG_3806a1.jpg
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  15. i love this vara woc so much! it really fits a ton and easy to slip into a tote.

    i have it in black patent and blue saffiano. now am drooling over the new vara bow design!
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