Ferragamo Twirl Square-Toe Pump .. yay or nay?

  1. I just got these today. It's a tiny bit too narrow. I'm not sure but do hope that they'll be more comfy once I break them in.

    I'd probably wear them with trouser or skirt (work dress or something). I'm not good with style. :nogood: So I really need your inputs.

    What do you think of the shoes? Should I keep them?

    TIA :smile:
  2. Personally, I find Ferragamo shoes run a little narrow like you stated, I don't care for them because they are hard to break-in. The style is ok, probably work with work trousers. They are a little too old-fashioned for me, sorry.
  3. I think it depends on what you need them for. To me, they're more like work shoes. In that case, they look fine. I would pair them with trousers rather than a dress.
  4. ohh .. Thank you for your suggestions. :flowers:

    So I shouldn't hope to break-in the shoes, maybe I shouldn't keep it. sigh
  5. I really like these shoes! I have always been drawn to shoes with a buckle across the toe. I'd wear them with jeans or pants too.

    Sometimes if my new shoes are a little tight, I break them in by wearing panty-hose or knee high stockings with them so my feet don't get blisters while the leather is stretching. It's a guessing game, though. Sometimes I just have to "guess" if they'll ever get comfy or if I should give up hope.
  6. I'm not a fan...but I think that's because I'm more bias to round or more pointy. If YOU like them I say go for it although I do agree that they will probably look better with trousers.
  7. no
  8. This is amost exactly what I was going to say...