Ferragamo "thingy" - what is it and what's it used for???

  1. Hi ladies
    I received this as a thank you gift from a dear friend. While I love ferragamo, I have no clue what this is or what I should do with it! :confused1: Coin purse? make up case?

    Does anyone?

    IMG_0843.JPG IMG_0844.JPG IMG_0845.JPG
  2. How big is it?
  3. is that strap in the center an actual strap or am I just imagining things? if it's large enough to hold a pair of shoes, it could be that.. orrrr, it could just be some sort of toiletry bag?
  4. looks like a pouch to hold small items, to put inside of a larger bag. But as Luna asked, measurements would help!
  5. No idea what Ferragamo calls it, but if it looks like a coin or cosmetic bag to you, then it probably is. Use it for whatever you think it will work for (that's what I do). :lol: I probably put tampons in it or something. :roflmfao:
  6. Cosmetics case? Document case? I'm really not sure :shrugs:
  7. Good point! it's 6" x 4" ...

  8. This is brilliant! I tried it as coin purse and cosmetic bag -- it was too awkward ... but tampons! I never thought to use it as a holder for that.

    I may have to keep it. THANKS!
  9. Maybe a coin pouch? It's nice!
  10. Sounds like a cosmetics/accessories/coin pouch. I actually used a Coach pouch of a similar size for hair bands for vacation.
  11. A friend of mine has one of these in the pink tiger print. She uses it for small items in her bag: Pill case, chewing gum, purse hook, etc.
  12. thank you
  13. appreciate the information
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  15. Yes thanks!