Ferragamo Sofia Reveal!!

  1. Love the rich black and ghw! Congrats!
  2. Gorgeous!!!
  3. Bag twins! I love mine too. Super classy and practical.
  4. I have the older non-structured version. I really like the look of the Sofia, very sophisticated and not everyone has one so it's not that common. I also like the hardware at the ends so you can see it from the side.


  5. Thank you for the reveal! How are you liking the bag so far? Also can you do what fits in the bag and mod shots?

  6. Love your bag! You look stunning with it. Can you tell me what the size of the bag is and the dimensions?
  7. Congrats! Your Sofia is beautiful, love the gold hardware. We're bag twins. I have this in red, and silver hardware.
  8. I just ordered mine a couple of days ago in a small pebbled black. I can't wait to get it. Before I purchased this I was considering a Chanel small business affinity, a LV Lockme II, and a medium YSL monogram college. In the end I chose the Sofia because it had the MOST gorgeous leather, an outside pocket, lined leather interior, and a very subtle logo. And it was so cute!

    BTW, could you post a pic of your red Sofia? Thank you.
  9. Here it is.

    And it's so ladylike. I have it in medium and it's pebbled leather. It's very eyecatching. I actually bought this last 2015, in replacement for my cherry red MbMJ Natasha that I gave to my MIL. A woman needs at least one gorgeous red bag in her collection. ☺️
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  10. YOUR bag is SOOOO beautiful! There are not a lot of this Sofia reveals that I can find, so your post really helped! Your bag twisted my arm to order one and it will be delivered tomorrow! Mine is the small one. So I guess we'll be bag fraternal twins! ...or...big sis and little sis! BTW, how are you liking your bag so far now that you've had it for awhile? Thank you.
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  11. Thank you for your pic! You are right. It is very ladylike and still so vavavavoom! Now I want a red one...
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  12. oooh lucky!! I want this one so much!
  13. HELLO everyone!

    I was looking at all the beautiful Sophias and I just couldn't help but get one for myself. I ordered it a couple of days ago and I received mine today and it is just gorgeous. I have the small pebbled leather in black. If anyone is on the fence, oh my gosh, do not hesitate. I am more impressed with the Ferragamo handbag than other designer bags I looked at because it had an adjustable detachable strap, an outside zipped pocket to hold my phone, and it is totally leather lined! Even the outside pocket and the inside pockets are all leather lined! For some reason, this pebbled leather in the small size holds its structure like a structured bag, but it is squishy at the same time! Also, the "wings" can be pushed into the bag to make the bag look more like old school Ferragamo Kelly bags! So if I need to wear it for an evening out bag I can do that with this size. I'm sure the medium can be worn for evenings also but I don't have one to compare. And the quality is superb! And for me it holds a ton. I could go on and on but I will stop here.
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  14. Here are some pictures. The second one is next to the Alma BB for size comparison. 20170203_090619.jpg 20170203_093035.jpg
  15. That color!