Ferragamo Shoes--How Do They Fit?

  1. I'm thinking about ordering a couple pairs of Ferragamo flats. Does anyone one know if they run true to size?
  2. I have found they run a bit small .. usually I can go for a 9.5 and definitely I need a 10 in Ferragamo flats.
  3. ^ me too. they run tad bit small
  4. Yup, about a half size small.
  5. Oh, thanks ladies! I'm almost always a 7 1/2 so I guess I'll order an 8. I appreciate your insight!
  6. Yes, definitely a bit small! I normally wear a size 8, and my Ferragamo flats are a size 9. I also have wide feet, and I find they're a bit narrow.
  7. I wan't them. I heard they run small too.