Ferragamo shoes as worn by Blair Waldorf(GG)

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    Pretty ain't it?? So my question is, I was trying to buy it from online...but how do ferragamo shoe sizes run? true to size? smaller? bigger? And what does AA mean in terms of shoe sizing?
  2. I think the ones worn by Blair are Marc Jacobs: i have the same pair! ;)
    Anyway the Ferragamos are very cute too!
    I'm sorry but i can't help u with the sizes... :sad:
  3. I don't have any Ferragamos, but they're true to size for my mom. And she's always raving about how comfortable Ferragamos are too.
  4. i usually go .5 up with ferragamo
  5. They are true to size for me.
  6. I own several pairs, and they are true to size overall, but if you have a little bit wide feet, going up to .5 size up would be more comfortable for some ferragamo shoes, especially for some pointy heels.
  7. I believe AA is narrow width.

    Ferragamo is true to size for me. I love their flats and knee-high boots.
  8. I agree..the shoes don't look the same. I like the Ferragamos though!
  9. Ferragamos run true to size...for me.
    They have different widths too, so if you have wide feet, there is no need to go up in size...just choose wider widths.
    My mom has wide feet and she is usually a 7 US but she is a 6.5 C in Ferragamo.
  10. True To Size
  11. a little OT but *sigh* I :heart: GG! and those shoes are TDF!
  12. TTS for me too. They are very comfy.
    AA means narrow.
  13. tts for me
  14. ^^OOps..my bad! had no idea. That is cute though..think Im gonna get a red one too..since its cheap and Im gonna get the Ferragamos in my usual size!