Ferragamo shoe sizing

  1. Hello all
    first time on this part of the forum!

    Just playing on the idea of getting the Varina Ferragamo pumps, it's so preppy in a good way!
    My usual size is 7 US with a medium width. If i ever get a blister, it's usually on the baby toes! haha if that helps.

    what are your experiences with Ferragamo sizing? I definitely know im not an AA or A, but it's really a toss up between B and C, and size 6.5-7-7.5.

    Of course there's always the answer of 'go to the boutique' but in this case, i want to buy from eBay cuz they're totally shockingly affordable!

    hope u can help!
  2. I have sort of wide feet but I wear the regular ones sold at like Saks.
  3. The Varinas run true to size. I've got them in blood red patent.
  4. I think they run true to size, even the patent one, but then I am kind of in the narrow side.
  5. Hello
    I think i mean the Vara's, with the signature bows in pumps..i love them! i wonder if they're true to size?
  6. I think they run true to size or slightly small, especially in the patent. Those definitely seem to run smallish.
  7. True to size in legnth, but not in width. Ferragamo tends to run quite narrow. If you are usually a 7 regular in US sizing, I would suggest getting a 7 C. Especially considering you mentioned toe blisters before! Have fun!
  8. I wear my usual american, non heel, non-designer size of 8.5 B in Ferragamo. I probably have slightly narrow feet though.
  9. I have nearly 10 pairs of these!

    I like the look of the narrower ones - so although I should get a B, I usually get an AA and then size up half a size - after breaking in they fit perfectly
  10. i want 10 pairs of these too!
  11. both vara and varina have signature bows, right?
    agree they run TTS but a bit narrow.
  12. I wear a size 9 normally and wear a 9B or 8.5 C in Varinas :smile:
  13. the Vara one is more of the greater than 1" heel shoe wheread the varinas, i think, are the flats? pardon my naivite but i only know the name of the Vara's cuz that's the one i actually want hehehe
  14. yep you are right. Vara is the one with the chunky heels and Varina is the flats. I am not much of a fan of the Varina as much as the Vara because of the comfort factor(for me anyway).
  15. Hi, I think Varina looks like flat but they actually have a hidden heel under the insole to complement your legs :tup: