Ferragamo Sales in Singapore?

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  1. Hi everyone
    I just wanted to report back that I checked out the ferragamo sale today, and some shoes are on 50% while some are still at 30% (mainly the varina and varas in more classic colors).
    Any idea if these will go on 50% sale eventually (based on previous year sales)?
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  3. I will be visiting Singapore next month, I hope that it is sale, as I am planning to buy new shoes and bag for me and my Mom.
  4. Anyone knows when the next sale is?
  5. I received invite from Citibank. It should be today and tomorrow.

    21 and 22 nov
  6. Sales have started! MBS Sands Rewards card has priority access and additional 10% off on top of 30%.
  7. Went to the sale over the weekend. About 2 shelves of shoes on 30% off. But most of the classic vara and varina styles are excluded whereas in previous sales they were on 30% off.
    Wonder if the sale will go to 50% and then the classic designs will go to 30%. Anyone have any idea based on previous years? (:
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  8. Sale was disappointing to say the least. I had better luck online. Usually the 50% off will occur about a month after the sale has started. But generally there are little to no sizes left.
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  9. I just got a pair of red varas with the leather sole. Can anyone suggest where to put the Vibram sole or tophy rubber sole on them? So far I found Shukey, but not sure if they are good.
  10. Hi =) If you are asking which cobbler is good, I have had good experience at the one in Paragon (Basement #B1-19A). Its called Master-Fix Services. Might be slightly pricier than Mr Minit but they provide quality workmanship in my opinion
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  11. Hey babe, thanks very much. I just found out today that Master-Fix is used by Ferragamo Paragon SG for their “small repairs”. So coincidental you mentioned the name, they must be good hehe.
  12. That’s great! Happy I could help
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  13. They charged SGD$35 for vibram soles.
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  14. Hi there! I just bought my first pair of Varina Q Quilted Flat during the sale and was wondering how is the feedback adding the vibram soles? Does it really make it better? I have not brought my pair out for a spin and thinking if I should add the soles before taking them out.
  15. i dont know the exact varina shoes, but i found all my shoes are better with soles. i have vintage pair from 80s that was not solde, and there seems to be hole in the leather sole! the sole will make the shoes comfy as well (for varina, carla and vara)