Ferragamo Sales in Singapore?

  1. Hi everyone
    I just wanted to report back that I checked out the ferragamo sale today, and some shoes are on 50% while some are still at 30% (mainly the varina and varas in more classic colors).
    Any idea if these will go on 50% sale eventually (based on previous year sales)?
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  3. I will be visiting Singapore next month, I hope that it is sale, as I am planning to buy new shoes and bag for me and my Mom.
  4. Anyone knows when the next sale is?
  5. I received invite from Citibank. It should be today and tomorrow.

    21 and 22 nov
  6. Sales have started! MBS Sands Rewards card has priority access and additional 10% off on top of 30%.
  7. Went to the sale over the weekend. About 2 shelves of shoes on 30% off. But most of the classic vara and varina styles are excluded whereas in previous sales they were on 30% off.
    Wonder if the sale will go to 50% and then the classic designs will go to 30%. Anyone have any idea based on previous years? (:
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  8. Sale was disappointing to say the least. I had better luck online. Usually the 50% off will occur about a month after the sale has started. But generally there are little to no sizes left.
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  9. I just got a pair of red varas with the leather sole. Can anyone suggest where to put the Vibram sole or tophy rubber sole on them? So far I found Shukey, but not sure if they are good.
  10. Hi =) If you are asking which cobbler is good, I have had good experience at the one in Paragon (Basement #B1-19A). Its called Master-Fix Services. Might be slightly pricier than Mr Minit but they provide quality workmanship in my opinion
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  11. Hey babe, thanks very much. I just found out today that Master-Fix is used by Ferragamo Paragon SG for their “small repairs”. So coincidental you mentioned the name, they must be good hehe.
  12. That’s great! Happy I could help
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  13. They charged SGD$35 for vibram soles.
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