Ferragamo Sales in Singapore?

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  1. Here’s my damage for today - a pair of Opal Varina, a pair of Rosso Vara & a pair of black/white cap toe pumps. I’m officially on a shopping ban now!

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  2. Awesome shoes can i ask the sale price ?
  3. Dropped by the Takashimaya and Paragon boutiques after work today and ended up with these two pairs - Urban Grey Calf Vara and Rufina (both 30% off original price of $870 and $790 respectively)

    Didn’t see the Rosso Vara, else I may have been tempted to get it too! The opal varinas are really lovely too.
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  4. Price differs for each design but they are going for 30% off.
  5. We only saw the Rosso Vara at ION boutique. It wasn’t at Paragon either. Luckily I went to both... yes the Opal colour is lovely.
  6. Thanks heaps
  7. Is there any sales for jelly/bermudas?
  8. Didn’t see any at all.
    My SA told me they no longer produce the Bermudas.
  9. Any other designs going at 40/50% off or all at 30% off only?
  10. I’m not sure. I didn’t ask... but usually further reductions kick in a few more weeks into the sale. May only have odd sizes left though by that time.
  11. No prob. Thanks
  12. What's the name of that mint color? It's so pretty!
  13. Just went to the Mbs branch today. Most of the shoes are on sale and all on sale are 30 percent off. Will need to wait out the 50 percent off sale!
    Let's update each other when this happens.. (:
  14. The green is “Opal”.

    Btw 50% sale started yesterday (15 June).
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  15. Thanks so much for the update!! Going to check it out today :biggrin: