Ferragamo Sales in Singapore?

  1. I see, thanks so much for the information! Do you prefer varina or vara? Which is more comfy and durable?
  2. IMG_1480343045.761000.jpg

    I bought a pair of this for $485.10 after Citibank discount. Yellow and another pale blue color was on sale too plus some other Varinas with designs
  3. I will be in SG end of March, any chance there's an ongoing sale then? I bought my first pair of varinas last year for SG$375, such a great deal!
  4. Hihi when is the next sale ?
  5. hello all! can I check when is the sale happening?
  6. 24 and 25 May for Citibank cardholders
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  7. Thanks for sharing! Any additional discount for cardholders? Just show the card will do?
  8. 10%
  9. Any intel of the discount for shoes & what is available?
  10. I went to ion outlet. For bermuda jelly flats, only transparent and bright pink avail..

    For ballerinas, the collection are quite big.. I picked a pair of Matt red ballerinas.. crowd wise still ok.. no q when I left the place.

    Hope that helps :smile:
  11. Thanks Skylover.

    Matt red ballerinas sounds nice. Any photos to share? Were the shoes all on 50%?

    I might go to MBS after work :smile:
  12. I will take a pic when I got home. Sneaked out of office just now... heheheh... most shoes were 30% discount plus 10 % discount for citi card holders :smile:
  13. My loot...
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  14. Nice! What's the price with discount for the Bermuda jelly
  15. hi, how much are the varinas after discount?
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