Ferragamo Sales in Singapore?

  1. The sale is still on. But the Citibank promo was only on 25-26 May. It was not additional 10%. It was shopping vouchers for Paragon for $450 spent or something like that. In any case, it's no longer applicable.
  2. Ahh, that's sad! Didn't know there is sales going on. I wanted to get Bermudas.
  3. Thanks! Tried checking items yesterday but most of the things i wanted are no longer available. :sad:
  4. Hi, when is the next sale coming?
  5. Hello all! Reviving this thread. When is the ferragamo sales starting? Thank you!
  6. Sale just started today
  7. Can share with us the discount and which credit card etc? TIA
  8. Varies from 30% to 50%. Citibank card entitles u additional 10%. Hope this is useful
  9. Went Paragon yesterday and it was also the last day for additional 10% citibank card holders. Bermudas comes in coral and blue at $294 iirc.

    Happy shopping!

    1480045104939.jpg 1480045126399.jpg 1480045146457.jpg 1480045161903.jpg 1480045182767.jpg

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  10. Hi, anyone knows the price of the jelly bermudas? Any sales on that? :smile:
  11. I think it was $260 after additional 10% disc with citibank
  12. I bought my vara pumps at ard $530+ after additional 10% with citibank.

    The citibank 10% is only for first 2 days. So I think it costs abt $580+ after the 30% discount. HTHs.

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  13. Thanks so much babe for the information! Any idea what other colors is included for the Varina flats? And also how much is it after discount? :smile:
  14. Didnt buy varina this time round. The last round in May 2016 I bought at mid $400 (with additional 10%). Its slightly cheaper than vara. :smile:

    This sales the varinas are too candy looking colors so I didnt really pay attention.

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