Ferragamo Sales in Singapore?

  1. Went Paragon just now. The bermuda flats original at 420, abt 200plus after 30% and 10%. Bought 2 pairs of varina. Priority queue makes it so much better! Paragon range is better than taka!

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  2. sounds good! how much was the varina and what colors were available? planning to check them out this evening!
  3. The varinas was 750 before less. I bought 2 pairs at $900plus... Paragon has better collections than Taka. Bermuda is flying off shelves! 1464225577581.jpg

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  4. Hi! U rmb what colours u saw for the bermuda?
  5. I saw purple and blue ones at taka. And in paragon i saw a pinkish one.

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  6. Thanks:smile: anyone visited the ion branch?
  7. I went ion and paragon. They carry about the same models. Bought the purple Bermudas to replace my black one.. the strap snapped 😣
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    Nice loots!:smile: Is stock running low at ion for the bermuda?
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464238791.996631.jpg
    Hi is the blue bermuda for sale in this shade?
  10. Yes this blue. Not sure about ion cos I bought mine in paragon. They still have some stocks last night when I asked for few new pairs to choose from. Did not see anyone else buying Bermuda too except me lol

  11. Haha thanks dear:smile:
  12. nice but I cant wear them cos I have bruises , I prefer chanel jelly slipper , much much comfy
  13. Hi ladies, is the sale still on? Which branch would be better to shop?

  14. I Guess it's over. Just Wednesday and Thursday.
  15. The sales is continued through as its GSS time. Probably no more additional 10% discount and priority queue for citi cardholders. Just 30% off?

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