Ferragamo Sale Starts Tomorrow, 15 June

  1. "Significant" savings starting tomorrow, at Ferragamo stores in New York City (5th Avenue), Manhasset, Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Atlanta, Palm Beach, Bal Harbour, Houston, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Virginia (Tysons Galleria).

    Happy shopping, ladies.:smile:
  2. Hi Kathy, do you know how "significant"?
  3. No clue. Just reading off the postcard I got in the mail. Wish I did. I'd like to know how tempted I should feel!
  4. The presale at the Fifth ave store was 30% off spring/summer bags and shoes. There were tons of styles.
  5. are the accessories like headbands on sale too?
  6. I didn't ask, sorry!
  7. I would love some shoes, but the boutique is so far away.
  8. Is that Bal Harbour Florida? I have been dying for a medium size black Ferragamo Gancio (Marisa) handbag...
  9. what do people think of the ferragamo zip shopper in paprika? I got it on sale at Saks and I'm thinking about it.
  10. The SA at the Bev Hills store told me that soon Ferragamo would stop having sales, and the out of season bags will be sent to their warehouse, sit for a year, then be sent to the outlet stores. In the future they don't want to be the kind of store that has "sales". Right now their wallets and jewelry never go on sale.
  11. my gosh, and i am moving back to wa, they dont have a ferragamo store in washington, as far as i know...arggghhh, i love my ferragamo bag.. i want another one.. but i cant always afford the price.. shikessss
  12. thats interesting. They dont want to be the "kind" of stores that have sales yet they have outlet shops. Are they trying to be exclusive like LV? :lol:
  13. I love how I called the Fifth Ave. store and the SA told me there was NO PRESALE!
    Same thing happened when I called the Jimmy Choo store on Madison days before their sale started.
    What the h*** do you have to say to be "invited" to the presale?! Do they not want to sell merchandise??!
  14. this is so ridiculous.. it is not like u r asking for the bag, u r buying it.. maybe they do not need nor want ur money... however, ferragamo bags are really nice.....
  15. Hi guys!!

    OMG there is the biggest ferregamo sale in Sydney and nearly EVERYTHING is on sale - including jewelry, scarves, bags, wallets, and shoes!!

    i ended up buying a crystal charm necklace - but might go again tomorrow to buy some scarves or a bag.