Ferragamo sale in Melbourne?

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  1. Hi, does anyone know when Ferragamo in Melbourne is having sale? I need a belt and a pair of flats! :P
  2. Ferragamo sale in Melbourne started last Thursday!!! I bought 2 belts! :smile:
  3. Lucky you!:smile:

    Would you by any chance remember seeing size 6.5 varina flats on sale? None of the Brisbane or Gold coast stores had my size =(
  4. All the 6, 6.5, 7 are gone! And black is not on sale. :sad:
    Is the Brisbane store on sale too?
  5. Does anyone know the price of the black Varina flats in Melbourne? Thanks.
  6. Hi, the varina flats in Melbourne is AUD650
  7. Depending on the colours, some Varinas are on sale for <$300 at the moment.