Ferragamo Sale?! Does Anyone Know When??

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  1. Does anyone know when it starts?? :yahoo:

    My hubby just got a promotion @ work :wlae: and I want to get him a new briefcase and I think I must have missed them at NM First Call (or got there too late :crybaby:). Does anyone know when it starts or if they're reduced elsewhere? I shop NYC and The Americana. Love ya girls!
  2. Saks has Ferragamos on sale, if you need my SA's name and number pm me.:heart:H
  3. I saw handbags on sale on Saks, but that was obviously in the women's section. Wouldn't hurt to ask about men's.

    Edit: someone beat me to it :smile:
  4. June 14th!! Boutique markdowns start on June 14!! Yay! My SA, Scott, at Ferragamo San Francisco is always on the ball with this stuff. Hope you find what you're looking for! Ferragamo is to die for and their sales are fabulous!
  5. does the sale include men's briefcases? What's the % of discount?
  6. Does anyone know if it will be included in any of the Nordstrom sales? That is the only place near me that sells it. I've been looking for a bag too after I was drooling over someone else's bag last weekend.
  7. The Ferragamo outlet store in the Westbury outlets in NY State (about an hour north of NYC) had some briefcases on sale last time I was there, a couple of weeks ago. There are buses that go up there from NYC.
  8. Thanks! :yahoo: Is that near Woodbury Commons? Do you remember how much they were or what the discount was? I think I'm heading upstate... :wlae:
  9. Whooops, I meant Woodbury and mistyped. I don't remember how much the discounts were, but I got a really gorgeous handbag there for half price, and the other handbags seemed to be somewhere between 30-50% off, so I'd assume the mens' items were around the same discount.
  10. Hi everyone:
    New user here. Does anyone know when the ferragamo sample sale in NYC is? I don't mean the sale at the boutique - that's 6/14 and that's confirmed at the store. I mean the sample sale in the fashion district on like 41st or something. I've been there b4 and the way people know about it is the postcard they send.
    Please let me know