Ferragamo Sale @bloomingdales.com

  1. Thanks for posting. That animal print wristlet is really cute.
  2. Thank you for posting the link. Checked, the sales only for the states..... :oh:
  3. Hi there, I saw a Ferragamo bag in Bloomingdales in Stanford Mall and it was on sale for 1013 USD. The original price is 1590. Is it a good purchase? Because there is like a small scratch in the leather but not totally noticeable. What do you think ladies? :smile:
  4. It really depends on the bag style and color. Is it one of the seasonal colors/style or one of the classics?
  5. ^I believe it is seasonal style
  6. It's not a bad price, but usually you can get 40% off on seasonal styles by this time.
  7. An update on Bloomingdales.com sale going on now until tomorrow. It's 20% off purchases $150 or more with SNOWFLAKE code. Ferragamo is not on the exclusion list, but you may have to call or use live chat for them to honor the discount. It worked for the iconi wallet.
  8. Thx for the info "bubbleloba" ! :smile:
  9. Norstrom has started the sale now!
  10. Saks started pre sale today too.. There were pretty good selections of bags.. I got myself a creamy color patent tote
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    I placed an order online with Bloomingdales yesterday for the Flavia slingback (on sale) plus using $25 coupon. My confirmation said the shoes will ship from manufacturer. Now Bloomies emailed me to cancel my order. Any of you with same issue? They are back to regular price on their website now, and my size is available.

    Talking to CS right now. He said website is incorrect. Yeah right. I am able to put 3 pairs of my size in my cart. He said checked all stores and none have my size. I wonder if they cancelled it because the shoes turn out to be so cheap with my $75 coupon, essentially 1/2 off. So now, I can order it online at full price because it is available. ARGHHHHHHHHH.
  12. The same thing happened to me. I brought the Flo wedge over the weekend for ~$300 after discount. They canceled my order, but it is still "in stock" on website for full price $495. I think they didn't want to sell at the low price.

    I should have contacted Nordstrom to have them price match. I'm never shopping at Bloomingdales.com again.
  13. Did you try calling the CS? Sometimes they would send you another pair at the discounted price or just offer you $50 gift card.

    They cancelled a few of my canada goose parkas and I was able to get them to honour the price later on when the sizes were in stock and then they agree to owe me 30% off for anything online my next order.
  14. Placed my order for the Sofia bag. They did cancel it because I wanted it shipped to a different address and my credit card company flagged the order because the amount was large. Anyway, I called Bloomies and they cleared it and now it should be on its way. I went through Mr.Rebates which should also give me 3% in addition to the 20% for the Friends and Family.