Ferragamo Reverse Hobo


Oct 6, 2007
Bumping this thread to see if anyone has more opinions about this bag. I'm eyeing one online. My main question is does the shoulder strap get short enough to carry as a shoulder bag? I don't like carrying crossbody. Thanks!

Pics in indoor (bad!) lighting, natural early am lighting, and an inside shot. Fits a ton w room to spare and is still light weight. Have a LV zippy wallet, mini pouchette, large sunglasses case, readers, coin pouch, card case, hair brush, keys, phone. Fits an IPad w large over as well...no prob. I’m 5’10” about 140lbs and it doesn’t look that big at all. Great, understated, quality bag IMO.

Thanks for posting modshots! The bag looks so good on you.

I swung by the Ferragamo
Boutique in Bloomingdale’s yesterday and tried it on. I have to say, I like it a lot. It’s so lightweight and comfortable to wear. And, honestly, to my eye it didn’t look any bigger on me at 5’3 than it looks on you, LOL. I did have a Puffy winter coat on though. I’ll be in that area one day a week for the next three weeks so I’ll keep visiting it and trying it on to make sure.

I have four Ferragamo bags and wouldn’t mind adding this one because it serves my need for a big, easy, light bag. Thanks for the endorsement and the pics. I’ll post if I buy it. Cheers!