Ferragamo Replacement?


Dec 28, 2009
I just bought a pair of ferragamo flats barely a month ago and have worn them a couple of times. The rubber heel has started peeling? It's absolutely ridiculous. I also just noticed that a part of the leather is really weird, not even like scuffed or scratched from daily wear - it just looks like a really small patch is missing?

Has anyone experienced similar quality issues? I've never had problems with ferragamo before. What would you recommend me to do? Would they give me a replacement? This has never happened to me before with their shoes, I'm so upset. I bought them at their retail store but I know that their policy was 14 days.


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Sep 9, 2006
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I never had any issues with Ferragamo shoes. What kind of flats do you have? I would take it back to the store with the receipt and see what they can do. They should give you a replacement since it's a quality/workmanship issue.
Jun 16, 2008
They are faulty. Ferragamo is known as some of the best quality shoes you can get. Definitely take them back and ask for a replacement!
Jan 18, 2010
I never encountered any issues with my Varina but I encountered snapping of the rubber for one of their jelly shoes, Flamingo. Apparently the design was like a net (see attached image) and it snapped not only on one part but many.

I went Ferragamo (I'm from Singapore) and after they assessed the issue, they took in the shoes and told me that they have to send it to Hong Kong for verification (if it is wear and tear issue or faulty from their side) and repair (if it is repairable). About 2 or 3 weeks later, they called and said that it was faulty from their side so they will give me a credit note for the amount I paid and I won't get my shoes back. (Note: My shoes was about 5 months old)

The best thing is to bring it back to Ferragamo. They will definitely help you out. Good luck!


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Aug 17, 2008
I was just at the boutique here today asking about refurbishing my vintage bag, and they said they want happy customers. Definitely take them back.


Mar 24, 2012
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i bought two pairs of Ferragamo last December. For the calf leather pair, the rubber bits of the right heel broke and I sent in for repair.

Another pair (silverish patent) has peeled at pressure points at the side of both shoes (not sure if it's because I've added insole in them) and have sent them back in and unfortunately they weren't fixable and there wasn't any pairs left for exchange. So they gave me a credit voucher back. It's a good thing that they do have warranty period!

You know... i am quite surprised that i wore both pairs for less than 10 times and they broke within a month... bad luck to me