Ferragamo Quilted Gancio

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  1. Hello!

    Does anyone own this or have you seen in person?
    Opinions? Thank you!

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  2. I really want that bag in peony. Its a beige/buff color and is so pretty! I tried on the mini gancini at a ferragamo store and it feels very hugh quality and a lot sturdier than it looks online. Im planning to getthat bag for my next big purchase. Did you buy this bag? How do you like it?
  3. I was thinking about buying it during the sale, and bought a scarf print then returned. I like the quilting pattern and have admired Ferra for years now. Do you have a pic of the beige color?
  4. This is my new obsession!

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  5. Lovely! I like the antique chain and braided detail!