Ferragamo Purple Marisa Handbag? Where to find!

  1. I've been :heart: this handbag ever since I saw it at Saks fifth a year or so ago. Is there no hope of finding it ever again except for stalking eBay?

    Has anyone seen one around lately??! I'm dying for this bag and finally can afford it.

    I'm not entirely sure of the style name. This was available around Apr 2006.

    I've seen a slightly different version more like the traditional Marisa w/ bamboo detailling around the hardware with similar magenta/purple color. I'd love to have either one.

  2. I would call the Beverly Hills Ferragamo boutique to ask about it. Ask for James. He's the best! You could also try the Ferragamo outlets.
  3. Wow, you have MAGNIFICENT taste...please post if you find it and what it cost...maybe I can look for one if I can afford it too!
  4. OOOoooo that is really nice!!

    Good Luck on your search!