Ferragamo price increase???

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  1. i purchased WOC from Ferragamo on January, i love it so much and wanted to get another one in red color. What suprise me this moring was the price of that WOC go up about $50.
    I dont know Ferragamo products ever increase thier price like that. Because I purchased thie wallet, i have done few researches about Ferragamo products. i have heard a lot bad things about that Ferragamo products such underrated products, will lose values, etc? What do you think?
  2. Definitely underated at the moment! Which I think is a good thing for buyers as it is great value for money! In terms of quality, design and workmanship - the excellent value is not yet reflected in the price. But as you say, prices are now going up - maybe reflecting that people are appreciating it again. However in the same way, th resale market for this brand is not as strong but as I expect my items to last several years and not expecting to resell, it does not impact me.
  3. I think it depends on why one is purchasing it. If they like the buy the latest, then resell, Ferragamo probably isn't for them. If they want to buy something that will last them a long time, Ferragamo is wonderful and highly underrated at the moment.
  4. I noticed some of their shoes have gone up in price as well. I think Ferragamo is beautifully crafted. Really underrated for the quality.
  5. Ferragamo is definitely an underrated brand. I own several pieces, mainly exotics and they hold up a lot better than my designer brands. the craftsmanship and materials they use are absolutely amazing and I like the fact that I haven't seen anyone carrying any of the pieces I bought from them in public.
  6. I am hoping Ferragamo will continue to be underrated so that they maintain their prices in the range. The 2 WOCs I bought are wonderful and I think look better than Chanel and YSL (perhaps biased).
  7. I bought my first ever piece of Ferragamo earlier this year, and let me tell you the quality is amazing. Beautifully made and gorgeous leather. The attention to detail is wonderful too. I love it and am amazed that more people aren't raving about the brand. But as someone says maybe this helps keep the prices reasonable. I'm currently lusting after a Sofia bag.
    As for price increase couldn't really comment.

    I have been told by the owner of a consignment store I frequent, that she loved my bag but they have poor resale value. I wasn't bothered as I'm not looking to sell this baby anyway.
  8. Yeah, Ferragamo is very understated. I feel people only know the shoes, in particular the Vara and Varina. I think it's a great brand for the price range they are in, even with the low resale value. Their sales make them even more affordable, especially for the great quality.
  9. Unfortunately, I agree that Ferragamo doesn't really hold its resale value (except perhaps the shoes to a certain extent). That being said, there aren't too many places where you can get a bag fully lined in leather for under $2000, like you can at Ferragamo. Thankfully the resale issue doesn't bother me since I don't purchase my bags with that in mind. I think there are only a couple brands out there that can even be considered to really retain (or even increase) in value after purchase - Hermes and Chanel.
  10. I also noticed the same thing. I purchased a Ferragamo mini Ginny just 20 days ago in mytheresa, then I decide to return it because the chain is too long for me and not adjustable. But when I clicked return I noticed the price already increased 40eus up on the website.

    And I lost my beloved Ferragamo Icona Continental wallet a while ago and would like to buy a new one in the same series, but surprised to find that the price of the exactly same wallet goes up from 370eu (2014) to now 475eu! which means it goes like 50eus a year?

    But I am still considering buy the wallet coz the compartment and slots so suits my needs unlike other brands of too many useless slots, plus its quality is amazing. my wallet after 2 years is still in very, very good condition.