Ferragamo patent leather

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  1. Hello,

    my first time/question here at Ferragamo:

    What is the general opinion of Ferrragamo patent leather. I am deciding on a purse that comes in nappa leather and patent leather. Please give me your opinions. I have never owned patent leather.

    Also, I was advised that any water mark would be easily removed from the p/l, and that should the p/l have a surface scuff, like a white scuff that Mr Clean erasers are harmless and will keep the p/l perfect.... any experience or known truth to this?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Oh yes. patent leather is more scratch free and can be easier to clean than nappa leather. Nappa is more soft and prone to scratches. I don't know about Mr Clean erases working on patent leather bcuz i have never used it but patent leather is easier to clean.
  3. I don't have any Ferragamo bags, but I do have a ton of varina ballet flats in patent and regular leather. I would say the patent leather do hold up better than regular leather - not as prone to scratches.

    I would not recommend using Mr. Clean erasers on any of the leather products though. It seems to harsh. You can usually moisturize and buff away scratches with good leather cleaners. Apple makes a great leather conditioner that I use as a cleaner/conditioner on my bags.
  4. I went in a Ferragamo store about a week ago as I'm currently searching for the perfect bag that I can use on a daily basis.

    Anyway I wasn't able to find a bag at Ferragamo but I mentioned that one day I really want a pair of Ferragamo flats. The sales associate told me that their shoes- especially their patent leather ones can last about (I think) fifty years and more. I'm not sure how much to believe him and I'm sure they can last that long (since it is leather) but also I'm sure wear will show eventually.

    Patent leather does have that hardness and structure that soft leather doesnt have.