Ferragamo Patent Leather


Oct 18, 2005
I saw the navy version of this bag in the smaller size and it was GLORIOUS. It loses something in the black but what do you think? I'm in the market for a large black "grown-up" bag... does the patent leather lesson the grown-up factor?

Is it too Batman?

Somehow the pic is making me think of George Clooney in his peck-hugging Batman suit. :lol:

If this comes in non-patent black leather, that may be my answer.
Ya know, Daisy...I went to the Ferragamo store thinking I was going to purchase the exact same bag (I loved patent, when I was young :sad: )but I ended up leaving with the beautiful black leather one instead...definitely try it on inperson.
On style.com, I saw this very bag in patent leather hot pink and it looked "HOT". Of course, the only people I would imagine wearing something like that and carrying it off are typically the Paris Hilton types, so I guess I'll pass! :amuse:
Pursemama: OOH, they do have it in black leather? In the large? I am going to have to pay a visit to the Ferragamo store I see. So did you get it and do you have pics?? :biggrin:

BL: I'd love to see it in pink! Like I said, the navy was really a spectical (but in a good way). I can imagine the pink was good to look at but not someone to take home . lol

Could you tell me in which area you see these pics on style.com? I have snooped around just a tiny bit and I never see the good pics that everyone talks about.
Yeah, I don't think I'm that kind of special. Maybe "navy spcecial" but not pink/purple special--we'll leave that to Paris. I'm starting to regret not getting the navy at Saks when I saw it since it's now gone. My Ferragamo store didn't have any of the patents on the shelves but I didn't ask. I need to chill and set my sites on the large regular leather. That would be a great choice for me and I think I'd enjoy it more over time than the large Muse.

*resists potential patent obsession/quest*
I think the navy would have been very pretty. I am actually thinking about getting this bag in medium size in the magnolia color. It's very pretty and I would probably use it for years to come unlike some of my other bags.... but I told myself that I'm going to sleep on it for a while and see whether I like the Edith more.

It's definitely a more dressier bag (beautiful as it is)... but I need to slow down on the purse buying... I have been a little crazy lately! :biggrin:
I always wanted to have at least one patent leather bag and still searching for a perfect one. I saw this one in person, tried it and liked it but in a black medium size. I think the large one is too big for my frame.

I also thought of gucci boston bag in black patent but I haven't seen it in person or in the stores. The gucci has the gold hardware though, it looks more luxurious.

Daisy, are you looking for a black bag? Wait until F/W styles and colors. I think we are going to see more bags for black but of course there are plenty black bag too right now that you can pick. It just so much fun and :nuts: to search, look and tryit in person. But hey you got us here!! We are enthusiastic about bags!:biggrin: :nuts: .