Ferragamo Mediterraneo Top-Handle Satchel - Like it?

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  1. NMV00AH_mn.jpeg

    Anyone own this bag? Like it, love it, hate it?


    I'm looking for a great red bag!

  2. Cute, but to me it's not worth that price.
  3. I do like it a lot. The shape and color are beautiful.
  4. I just saw the white version of the bag at Bloomie's. I think it's prettier in person than in the picture.
  5. It's looks Cole Haan-ish, which translates to, you can probably get a similar look/quality for much less.
  6. I think it looks like Marc Jacobs-IMO definitely not worth that kind of cash outlay!:confused1:
  7. what else have you checked out in red? i think the bag looks okay, but not worth the $$...then again, i haven't seen it irl...
  8. love it...but not for that much $$$
  9. check out the Celine Bittersweet in red that's available on Eluxury.

    i think it's a beautiful red bag.
  10. I love it!