Ferragamo Marissa in Black - a Classic?

  1. What do you think, trend or classic?
  2. I think its a classic. HAve you seen it in the ivory or the baby blue color? So cute!
  3. Definitely classic. That's a beautiful bag. Baby blue would be SO cute!
  4. I've seen the larger version in an aqua blue, but haven't seen the baby blue. I just keep gravitating back to this bag as a good, basic black bag with a little style.
  5. Classic!
  6. I love that bag-- esp in ivory...
  7. Definitely classic! It's really gorgeous!
  8. Definitely a classic in black. What I love about this bag is that it can go from day to evening. I use mine for work a lot and I can go straight from work out to dinner without changing my bag. It has a pocket for your cell phone, a zippered compartment, and a third pocket in the interior. It is a fabulous bag for the money. A great investment.
  9. Classy and definitely classic.
  10. A classic. It's a gorgeous, elegant bag.
  11. Definitely classic! It's really gorgeous!
  12. definitely classic! my mom has it in a metallic color and loves it. its a beautiful bag that you will use forever.
  13. Classic. The large black Marissa is niiiiiicceee....
  14. Lovely and appeals to every classical bone in my body!
  15. I own the Marissa in black too, and I definitely consider it a classic. I've had mine more than a year, and I've found it easy to wear, lightweight, easy to get in and out of, and just really pretty and versatile. I would definitely recommend it.