Ferragamo launches revamped website


BV ~ Ferragamo ~ TODs
Aug 17, 2007
In the Forest

I just got the email about this revamped site. Anyone else visit it? The changes I can tell are:

1. They are no longer tied to NM and have their own shopping cart feature
2. Their are complete drop down menus
3. The images are much larger and there is a zoom feature
4. There are more image views, and you can select for example "side," "front," etc.
5. Item descriptions list the size now
6. There is an over-reliance on Flash (a big negative for me)

What do you think about the new website? I find it slow and cumbersome. Images and choices slowly fade in and out as a feature of Flash. I guess they opted to fulfill a sense of aesthetic over usability. What they must not know is most people do not like Flash driven site and would much rather click on an image or arrow and have it respond immediately. Oh well, whatcha gonna do.
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