Ferragamo Instant Reveal

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  1. Hi all,

    I finish my university degree at the end of November, and decided to treat myself during the Farfetch 15% off sale! I also plan to add the matching all-black Rainbow bag to my collection in the coming months so I will have a nice set!

    Thank you for letting me share :amuse::amuse:
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  2. Firstly, I ordered the Vara Rainbow wallet (sometimes also called the continental wallet). I just love the contrast of the black and baby pink and particularly appreciated the black hardware, as most of their pieces come with gold hardware (and I'm more of a silver person). I also like the idea of the detachable ID tag; perfect for public transport cards!
    IMG_7660.JPG IMG_7662.JPG IMG_7663.JPG
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  3. As a last minute addition, I decided to pick up a cardholder as well! I have never seen them on display at my local stores (in Sydney) so I wasn't sure if they were even sold in Australia! Sorry about the terrible lighting, it's evening where I am but I was too excited not to share :biggrin:

    It's also worth noting that the pink is very similar to the LV rose ballerine, but the RB is just slightly darker.
    IMG_7657.JPG IMG_7659.JPG
  4. Love it!!!!!! Congratulations