Ferragamo Help me choose!

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    What do you all think about these Ferragamo Marisa/Gancio bags? I saw a similar turquoise one, but with the chain handle pictured on the cream one. It was on sale for $400 less than the cream. Any opinions?
  2. I like the cream one! :smile:
  3. I love that teal color, it's gorgeous!

    But the cream one is also very lovely...hard decision!

  4. I have been wanting the cream one for a couple of months now. It's lovely. So is the teal one, although I prefer the cream.
  5. I love the cream; such a beautiful bag. If you bought the teal, would you wear it as much as you would the cream color?
  6. My mom has the cream one- and she loves it!!! She says it's the perfect balance between fancy and casual and it's really comfortable to carry.

  7. Golly!!!!!!! The cream one hands down. Spectacular bag that can be worn with brown, black and Summer colors!:idea:
  8. They are gorgeous and elegant.
    I like light colored bags so I prefer Cream.
  9. i like the cream, although love the teal as well..... can you get both? hehe
  10. I like both but which one matches your wardrobe better?
  11. Liking the cream one.
  12. The cream one!!

    Give me options and I always go towards the more expensive one...
  13. I say cream. I feel like the turquoise is spring summer only, whereas the cream can be used all year round. I would get sick of that turquoise real quick too.
  14. The cream one gets my vote. So pretty!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. A vote for cream from London too!