ferragamo gancio or ysl muse

  1. I am thinking of buying a new Black bag. Which bag would you go with and which bag do you think is more classic looking? Do you think that Ferragamo is more of a "mature" woman's bag/brand? Do you think that the Muse bag is the bag of the moment, but will be out before next season? Thanks!
  2. any photos?
  3. Ditto. I have seen more than one style called "gancio." Are you thinking of the one from Failure to Launch?
  4. Yes, I am thinking of the Black version of the purse from "Failure to Launch". I think SJP carries an aqua version of this in the movie. The Black leather one with the gold hardware vs the large black YSL muse.
  5. THE MUSE for sure!
  6. Attached is a picture of Gancio Leather Shoulder Bag (from NM). SJP wore a similar one in Failed to Launch.
  7. That is a tough one for me. I have the Muse and really like it but also really like the Gancio. The Muse is definitely popular on this board. I hope I will be able to carry it for a long time. I don't think you will wrong with either one. Get both.;)

    Guess that doesn't help much.
  8. I adore the Gancio. I've seen the black patent and even though I despise that patent leather, it was absolutely stunning. Were you going for the plain leather or the patent leather?
  9. Thank you Chigirl for the picture post.
    If I got the Ferragamo, I was going to get the sheepskin Black leather as I think it is more classic and will show scratches less than the patent will. It definitely fits over the shoulder and conforms to the body well.
  10. I like some of Ferragamo's bags -- well made and classic-looking (been eyeing one myself recently, Bloomies F&F event is bad for me!!!). Like Chanel, I wouldn't be concerned about it being considered as a mature brand.

    Gancio vs Muse? They are both beautiful yet different in their own ways. The side straps with buckles & the gathered body give Gancio a more feminine feel -- I think it looks great with dresses/skirts. Muse looks more simple, yet it gives me a timeless feeling; it's beautiful in an understated way. I like them both. If I have to narrow down to 1 bag only, I would get Muse.

    If you decide to get Gancio, you can try to get it from your local Bloomingdale's for 20% off (F&F event).
  11. I sent you a PM but wanted to know where you saw this bag. I know NM (and presumably Ferragamo) carry this style but I haven't seen it elsewhere.

    Doess Bloomies carry this bag?????
  12. I saw the bag at Saks and at the Ferragamo store itself. The store carries SEVERAL different colors, finishes and some with different ornamentation such as tortoiseshell, a straw, basketweave like clasp etc if you want more than the standard Black or brown leather. I usually like to buy at department stores, given the option, because the return policy is easier should I change my mind.
    Bloomingdales carries some Ferragamo bags-I didn't get to look for this specific one yet. Is there a Friends and family event next Thursday 4/27 and is it only select Bloomies? A lot of times designer restrictions apply to the discounts, right?
  13. If you want a shoulder bag--then go for the Ferragamo. If you're ok with a handheld or arm bag--then the Muse. I don't think the Muse looks great on the shoulder. That's one way to narrow it down...

    Oh--and which size Muse do you want? I think the Muse can look a little odd in the large and x-large in black... But that's just my point of view.
  14. Bloomingdale's Friends and Family Event (20% off everything) runs from Wednesday 4/26 to Sunday 4/30. Presale, from Monday 4/18 to Tuesday 4/25, is recommended b/c there is no invitation requirement. My local store has no restriction whatsoever (handbags at least), Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Ferragamo, and other brands are all included. Check out your local store assap, if it's not available there, you can call Bloomingdale's in Fashion Island (Newport Beach CA) and ask for Sarah (949.729.6729). I saw Black and White Patent Leather Gancio at this Bloomies (can't remember the rest as I was eyeing another Ferragamo bag & wallet).

    BTW, Nordstrom will do price match as well.
  15. Ferragammo.