Ferragamo - Gancio or the Mui Mui - Oversized Tote?

  1. Hi all!...you know I really respect your opinions so, please help me out.:kiss: I saw the Mui Mui Oversized Leather Tote ($950) today and I immediately fell in love with it....it's gorgeous in person by the way! I really like the Ferragamo too ($1220) but, I haven't seen it in person (so far, none available here in SF). So, what do you beautiful girls think?....remember I'm 45 yrs old, if that makes a difference (a young 45, though ...so that means I dress like I'm 35 :amuse:). Thank you, thank you!...Sweeties!! 1) Ferragamo 2) Mui Mui
    Salvatore Ferragamo - Gancio Leather Bag - 1220.jpg Mui Mui -  Oversized Leather Tote - 950.jpg
  2. Personally I love the miu miu only because it reminds me of the Prada that I really cannot splurge on.. the Ferragamo is great but reminds me of the Anna Corinna and that is much cheaper..
    Hope that helps
  3. Just wanted to mention on the Mui Mui bag, Neiman Marcus has it as a Runway bag - Nappa Spring Satchel.

    Thank you Claudia, I appreciate your opinion!
  4. I really prefer the miu miu. It's just more special without being too trendy. The Ferragamo looks a little boring IMHO.
  5. I have several Ferragamo's, but I'm not really liking this one.

    On the other hand, I have been thinking about getting that exact same Miu Miu bag for myself! It's more "of the moment," being so big and with the messenger strap. And it's a pretty good deal, compared to the similar Pradas...

    (Oh, and I just turned 40. :sad: But that wouldn't stop me from getting the Miu Miu, even if it is considered a "younger" line.)
  6. Ohh, thanks you guys!!....I am leaning toward the Mui Mui, especially after seeing it in person! :drool: Yeahh, I was thinking the Ferragamo seemed alittle boring too....I think I just needed confirmation.
  7. Pursemama, Miu Miu. =)
    Pursemama, the style name of your MJ purse (Stella thread a few days ago) is New Tote. =)
  8. Miu Miu for me
  9. Miu Miu!! The Ferragamo is nice, but it's a little to plain for me. Miu Miu's pricing is so great too. I have a huge bag from them and it was only $900ish. Ok so $900 isn't like the deal of the century or anything, but I though it was a pretty good price for a designer bag of that size.
  10. At first I really like the Ferragamo, but the Miu Miu grows on me. I know what you mean about not being able to see it in person, plus, do you think when you have all your stuff in it-it may be droopy???

  11. Thanks bag.lover for the correct name of my MJ bag!:flowers:
  12. Thank you all for your great advice and opinions!! :heart: ....I really appreciate it!
    I've decided to get the Mui Mui....I'll post pics as soon as I pick it up Saturday! :yahoo:
  13. I personally love the Gancio. And people keep saying how great Ferragamo's leather and quality is. But the Mui Mui is stunning. Buy the one that makes your heart thump...and your credit card jump out of your wallet.
  14. I have the Ferragamo in the patch work chocolate leather, it has a slight distressed look. Great looking bag. It is not boring looking at all. The one on your thread has the smooth leather. You may want to check it out. I have not seen the Miu Miu in person thou. But I love the Ferragamo it is very nice. The SA at NM and Ferragamo said they are flying off the shelf.
  15. I love Ferragamos but I would go with the Miu Miu this time.